Ankoku Temple

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Ankoku Temple
Connects ToNorth Ryoshima Coast
Imperial Palace (portal)
Notable Inhabitant(s)Rao
New Monk
Notable ItemsManifest

Ankoku Temple for the most part has no actual role in the game. It is found up a hill in Ryoshima Coast near the entrance to City Checkpoint. The interior holds some Treasure Chests and outside there is a cat to feed.

Its main purpose to the storyline is at the back there is a secret cave behind a pretend rock wall. This cave holds a well which has a passage to Queen Himiko's palace in it. Amaterasu is first shown this passage by the ghost of the real Rao as her dead body can be found in the passage, hidden there by Ninetails who is pretending to be her.

[edit] Okamiden

Ankoku Temple returns in Okamiden, however, it serves an even smaller role. Although the outside can be explored it is considerably smaller and the inside is blocked off. The Temple's new Monk can be found outside and he will inform Chibiterasu all about Rao. He will ask Chibiterasu to return some Treasures belonging to Rao that he has lost.

[edit] Trivia

  • Jumping and headbutting Ankoku Temple fifteen times will net Amaterasu a Small, Medium and Large Holy Bone. However, this can only be done once.
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