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Welcome to the Okami Neowiki!

Welcome to the Wiki!
Welcome to the Okami Wiki on Neoseeker. Here you will find a database of Okami information and images that will help you in-game or otherwise. This wiki is open to all members who want to contribute, let's make this the best source of Okami information on the net! For more information about contributing see the "How You Can Help" section below. You can log in with your Neoseeker Username and Password!


How You Can Help
  • Let's make this Okami Wiki the best source of Okami information on the web! You are welcome to join us and help us structure this neowiki. If you are new you should read over the editing guide before starting. The
  • Find out we're missing a page? Create it!. Or you could contribute to an existing one. For more information on Editing and Guidelines, look here.


Major Categories
Start your work by visiting or creating these pages to get an idea of what needs doing. Remember we are looking at creating thousands of in depth pages with tons and tons of information!

Brush Techniques


Brush Gods






Okami Wiki Stats
As of November 20 2018, this NeoWiki currently has 134 articles and 1,021 images.

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Chibiterasu is a little, celestial wolf puppy who appears from the Celestial Plain to save Nippon in Okamiden. Although Amaterasu defeated Yami and all the Demons in Nippon, they mysteriously return. Chibiterasu's adventure starts out in Yakushi Village where he first must save Issun from a pair of Imps.
Chibiterasu is Amaterasu's son. He starts out with the Sunrise Brush Technique just like her and has a mini version of her Reflector, Divine Retribution. Chibiterasu then sets out on his own journey to free Nippon from evil.


Okami NeoWiki Staff Members
The wiki staff for the Okami wiki is Phi. For other sources of help feel free to contact Nagare or one of the active Wiki Super Admins.


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