Master Anura

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Master Anura
Location(s)Hana Valley
Weakness(es)Power Slash
Attack(s)Body Slam, Tongue Whip, Minion Summoning Singing

Master Anura is a boss in Okamiden.He is a giant worn looking frog with an eye patch and a frill around his neck. When Chibiterasu encounters him he will keep the lower part of his body in a pool and fight with the top half.

He refers to the Toads, he sends to attack Chibiterasu, as his children. However, he is nothing more than a giant Red Toad himself

He is later one of the bosses summoned to fight Chibiterasu in the Dark Realm. Manpuku aids him in the fight as Kuni has been possessed.


Master Anura's main attacks involve whipping Chibiterasu with his tongue and leaping up to land on him.

At the very start of the fight, Kuni will abandon Chibiterasu in fright. When he jumps into the air, Chibiterasu needs to use Power Slash on his belly button to hurt him. Slashing his belly button causes him to spit up a stone. Kuni will eventually return and he must then be controlled to move these stones into glowing holes in the ground that suddenly appear. When Kuni is moving the stones, Chibiterasu should attack Master Anura to distract him. If Master Anura manages to swallow the stone, he will regain health as they are the source of his power. He will still try to attack Chibiterasu during this or he will sing. When he sings he can summon smaller Toads which hurt Chibiterasu. After making him spit up three stone he will be defeated. However, when Chibiterasu tries to Power Slash him for the third stone, he will have a Bone Clam covering his belly button. This should be bloomed to remove it.

Bestiary Entry

Concept Art

"Master Anura is the most cowardly of demon toads, and the most power hungry. The avaricious longing for power is what triggered the grotesque change to make him the fat overlord of all toads he is today. He fancies himself a singer, and can summon his minions with song. The large frill around his neck allows him to project his dirges."


  • The "Anura" section of his name is the name given to the order that amphibian creatures fall under in biological classification.
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