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LocationSei'an City
Yakushi Village (Okamiden)
Concept Artwork of Momotaro

Momotaro is a character who appears in both Okami and Okamiden. In Okami he has gotten his Millet Dumplings stolen by Hayazo and Amaterasu must take part in a minigame to retrieve them. After she returns them to him, he will give her some of the Millet Dumplings to eat, restoring her Astral Pouch. In Okamiden, he is searching for someone who will banish an evil spirit for him.

He is found the the Commoner's Quarters of Sei'an City.

In Okamiden, he will migrate to Yakushi Village after he gives up his search for an apprentice. Here he finds the group of animals that Chibiterasu had convinced to move to the village also. He then gives Chibiterasu his Manifest as he is convinced if he feeds the animals his missing Kibi Dango, they will join his adventures. This is similar to the legend Momotaro is based on, as according to lore, Momotaro enlisted the help of a talking dog, monkey and pheasant to help him on his quest.

Based On

Momotaro is based on the character from Japanese lore with the same name. The story goes that Momotaro was found, by an old childless woman, floating down the river buried in a peach. When they opened the peach to eat it, the found Momotaro. He explained that he was sent by God to be their child. They gave him the name Momotaro because of the peach. When he was older he went to fight against a band of demons. He became friends with a talking dog, pheasant and monkey and they helped him with his quest. They managed to defeat the demons and all returned home to live happliy with treasure they have taken from them.

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