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Tao Master Waka
RaceMoon Tribe
LocationTravelling Nippon (Okami)
Celestial Plain (Okamiden)
FamilyDoll Copy: Kurow
Okamiden (Mentioned Only)

Waka's character is shrouded in mystery right until the end of the game even though he appears many times in the game. He confronts Amaterasu and Issun many times giving them confusing and cryptic hints about future events, however in hindsight these hints are quite helpful. He interferers with many of Amaterasu plans and often appears at very awkward moments. He considers himself to be the Guardian of Moon Cave as well as being a self proclaimed prophet.

He carries a Katana Sword and a flute which he can transform into a blinding fast sword called Pillowtalk. He can teleport and use the giant wings on his helmet to fly. Along with this he appears to be able to perform extreme feats of martial arts, the kind of which a human could only imagine doing and he can sustain lots of damage. He uses all this to pick fights with Amaterasu as he is testing her power. His choice of footwear makes him appear quite easy to knock over however this is not the case.


Appearance and Personality

Waka is a very pompous character referring to himself as "the gods' gift to man". He is also a very calm character, he never shows fear or that he is upset. This is a trait that leads to Issun's dislike of him, he even goes as far as referring to him as "the half-baked prophet". Waka also has a very playful personality, even if he is trying to be serious. His speach contains a lot of French terms of endearment such as "mon amie", however in all the non English versions of the game the French is changed into English.

He appears to dress somewhat camp, much like his personality. His kimono is bright pink and tucked into a pair of purple pants, he wears very tall geta shoes with only one tooth. His hawk shaped flowing head dress makes him appear quite feminine. He carries his flute with him at all times and plays it before making a prophecy. As he is a member of the Moon Tribe he has golden hair beneath his helmet.

Role in the Plot

Waka and Amaterasu encounter

Waka first appears in Agata Forest after Amaterasu has revived the Guardian Sapling, he is friendly to her at first however he challenges her to a fight to test her strength. Even though she wins he remarks that she is not as strong as before hinting that he knew her in the past. He then leaves after making the first of his many confusing prophecies.

He is not seen again till Taka Pass where he challenges her again and gives her a clue about opening Moon Cave by getting the Serpent Crystal. After she has defeated the Crimson Helm in Gale Shrine he appears to steal the Crystal and open Moon Cave himself.

After this he appears randomly in the game to drop hints about the future and does not attack her anymore. We learn more about him through other people. We find out that he is in touch with Queen Himiko and in charge of her band of warriors called the Tao Troopers. One trooper informs Amaterasu that he believes Waka is more than centuries old. He also has enough power to revive the Guardian Sapling in Ryoshima Coast before Amaterasu even arrives there. A few of the Travel Guides hint about his origins.

At the end of the game we find out about his heritage and he and Amaterasu board the Ark of Yamato to try and defeat Yami. After Amaterasu rematches the five main demons of the game (Orochi, Ninetails, Blight, Crimson Helm, Spider Queen,) she uses the beam that appears in the center of the room to go deep inside the ark. There she meets Waka who is, fruitlessly, hitting the unawakened Yami with his sword. When Amaterasu enter the room, Yami is awakened as it is finally the moment in The Day of Darkness where the moon completely blocks out the sun and the whole of Nippon is dark. He uses his special attack that drains Amaterasu of all her powers. He then goes to attack Amaterasu with a powerful laser, Waka jumps in front of this seemingly fatal beam and blocks it with his katana. He admits to Amaterasu that it is his fault that the Celestials are dead and these Demons where set loose on Nippon. He tells Amaterasu that this has always haunted him and he deeply regrets it but is willing to do anything to set things right. After this he can no longer block the beam and it hits him, sending him flying over the edge of the arena to what looks like his death. However after Amaterasu defeats Yami, Waka reappears and he pilots the ark back to the Celestial Plain with Amaterasu at his side.


At the end of the game we learn of Waka's origins and how that he is a member of the Moon Tribe. Long ago an unknown catastrophe befell the Moon Tribe who lived peacefully on the Earth's moon. Waka escaped the slaughter on the Ark of Yamato and he landed it on the Celestial Plain. The Celestials happily took him and he lived there at peace with them and the Gods until one day the Orochi attacked the Plain. Amaterasu and Waka tried to fight him off however Waka used his gift of foresight to find out that the Orochi and his monsters could only be killed by the Chosen One. Waka evacuated the Celestials on the Ark of Yamato while Amaterasu dragged the Orochi down to earth to find the chosen one. However unknown to Waka was that Yami, The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, and his hoards of Demons where hiding deep in the ark. Yami murdered all the Celestials which caused Waka to crash the ark in Nippon, setting all the demons free onto the mortal world.
After this Waka went into hiding, waiting for Amaterasu to be reincarnated so that she and the chosen one could kill the Orochi and bring peace to the world.


Waka as he appears in your Bestiary

The first time you fight Waka it is very easy as he is your first boss fight. His only attacks are an easily dodged sword throw which you can deflect back at him to stun him and an easily dodged sword slashing attack. You can attack him from afar with your Celestial Brush or you can wait till he is stunned and attack him from close range.

Bestiary Entry

"This mysterious character is sometimes depicted as a Tao master and sometimes as a loyal disciple. In any depiction, he always carries his sword, Pillowtalk, and has even raised his blade at Amaterasu. That battle was won by carefully knocking down Waka's thrown swords."

Fighting Waka for the second time is much the same as the first however he has more HP. Defeat him again by dodging his swords and attacking him when stunned.

Bestiary Entry

"Drawings of Waka differ greatly based on the artist and story. Sometimes young and pretty...Sometimes an old hermit. No matter the details, the sense of mystery about him is unchanged. This mystery is what is compelling about him and his many tales. Of course, people tend to accept Issun's rendition as accurate."


Waka does not reappear in Okamiden however, sometime between the events of Okami and Okamiden, Waka created Kurow. Kurow was created by Waka to be a vessel that Akuro could not possess and control. It can be assumed that Waka's powers of prophecy enabled him to see what was going to happen and this compelled him to create Kurow. Kurow who is modelled heavily off himself both in physical appearance and personality-wise. He entrusted Kurow with a Moon Tribe pendant and sent him in a meteor from the Celestial Plain. By instilling Kurow with independent thoughts and feelings, Waka ensured that Kurow was not simply following his fate blindly upon sacrificing himself to destroy Akuro.

He is seen briefly in a vision experienced by Nanami and Chibiterasu when they touch the Knowing Orb in Sage Shrine. He is also mentioned in Journals Manifest in the Moon Tribe Ruins. They note that his pendant is similar to Sugawara's crest.

Based On

Waka is based on the historical character "Minamoto no Yoshitsune", who in his childhood was called Ushiwakamaru. Minamoto no Yoshitsune was depicted as a sort of Robin Hood who was excellently trained in the way of the sword. His main companion was "Saitō Musashibō Benkei", who's character also appears in Okami as Benkei the Warrior Monk.


  • Waka, along with Oki, are the only two characters that cannot be hurt by Amaterasu outside of battle. Physical attacks will simply pass through them and Brush Techniques, bar Bloom on Oki, will simply bounce off of them unnoticed.
  • Although four have been mentioned through the game, he, along with Kaguya, is the only member of the Moon Tribe alive.


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