5-Story Pagoda

5-Story Pagoda
Entrance to the 5-Story Pagoda
Connects ToAgata Forest
Notable Inhabitant(s)Bullhead
EnemiesSentry Beasts, Bone Clam, Ice Lips, Snake Sash
Notable ItemsVine Brush Technique
Waterspout Brush Technique
Issun's Masterpiece

The 5-Story Pagoda is a dungeon exclusive to Okamiden. It is located in Agata Forest. Chibiterasu learns both Vine and Waterspout in the Pagoda. Nuregami's constellation can be found at the very start of the Pagoda and Sakigami's can be found inside a dogu head. Parts of Karude's Manifest can also be found here. It is also where Chibiterasu finds his first Glaive, Tsumugari.

[edit] Exploration

Before Chibiterasu can explore it, Kuni gets kidnapped by Bullhead. Chibiterasu must visit there with Nanami to rescue Kuni and to retrieve Nanami's stolen Wet and Dry Jewels. On their journey, they find out it is the source of the floods in Agata Forest as Bullhead is using the stolen Jewels to keep it flooded in the hopes of becoming a dragon. Upon entering the Pagoda, they start on the fifth floor and work their way down.

Upon reaching the bottom floor, the duo find Bullhead's flooded lair. After knocking him unconscious with Nanami, Kuni will be freed. However, Bullhead reawakens. Nanami uses the Wet and Dry Jewels to dry up the 5-Story Pagoda. But Bullhead, determined to take his foes to death with him, smashes a hole through the wall of the Pagoda. This floods it and washes Kuni into the unknown and Nanami and Chibiterasu to Ryoshima Coast. As Bullhead no longer has the Jewels, the forst becomes unflooded again.

It is a one-tour only area. Although Chibiterasu and his partner can leave and return as they please, once Bullhead has been defeated and the forest unflooded, it will in inaccessible.

[edit] Puzzles

As Agata Forest is flooded and Chibiterasu learns Waterspout, most of the puzzles involve water. Usually Chibiterasu must use Guidance to guide Nanami through patches of water in order for new areas to be unlocked, all while defending her from Demons. Vine also plays a big role and is used in conjunction with Guidance as Chibiterasu guides Nanami before vining over to her. Waterspout is also regularly used to put out torches.

A major puzzle is a statue in the third floor. Chibiterasu must find parts to it scattered all around the floors. After its arms have been replaced, it will drop the Glaive it was holding and Chibiterasu can use it as a Weapon. It also gives access to floors one and two.

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