Tao Trooper Abe
LocationSei'an City
AffiliationsTao Troopers

Abe is a Tao Trooper who can be located in the Tao Trooper headquarters above Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarters. He looks up greatly to Waka, whom he calls "Captain Waka".

When Amaterasu and Issun first meet him he is in a fix as he has gotten his Tao Trooper mask robbed by Hayazo the Thief. He begs the duo to help him look for it as all Troopers only get one mask and he can not leave his post to look for it. His mask will be returned by Hayazo after he is beaten in a race for the final time. As a reward for returning it, Amaterasu will get fifty Praise, a Stray Bead and a piece of information about Waka from Abe. His piece of information is that Waka is over 200 years old. After returning his mask, he wears it constantly.

[edit] Name Origins

Abe may be named after the Abe Clan, one of the oldest clans of the Yamato people. He may also be named after Abe no Seimei, a famous onmyōdō practitioner.

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