Animal Lover

Animal Lover
Animal Lover and Inaba
LocationNorth Ryoshima Coast
FamilyInaba (pet)

The Animal Lover is a man who has lost his beloved pet rabbit Inaba, he can be found near the beach in Ryoshima Coast. Inaba is a black and white rabbit who is found in a group of regular looking rabbits near the gate to Sei' an City, however the rabbits cannot be found until Amaterasu has defeated the area's Demon Gate. If she returns Inaba to him he will reward Amaterasu with a Stray Bead.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name Inaba not only comes from the legend "White Hare of Inaba", which tells the story of how a hare tricks sharks into being a bridge for him, but the producer of Okami is called Atsushi Inaba. In the credits of the PS2 version Inaba fall out of a bush on screen just as the Producers name appears.
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