Aspiring Carpenter

Aspiring Carpenter
The Aspiring Carpenter as he appears in Okamiden
LocationSei'an City (Okami)
Yakushi Village (Okamiden)

The Aspiring Carpenter is a character who appears in both Okami and Okamiden. He is Naguri's apprentice. He absolutely adores Naguri and worships him. It is his dream to someday be as good as Naguri. He is also very passionate about his work and works diligently. In Okami, he is distraught over the fact the mist has made him too sick to work.


[edit] Okami

Amaterasu and Issun first encounter the Aspiring Carpenter after the mysterious and dangerous fog has been lifted over Sei'an City. He is dazed and confused as he does not remember what has happened or why he was sick. He is angry and chastises himself over the fact he was too sick to help Naguri fill the canals with water again.

Even after the canals have been refilled, the ferry service has stopped so he is unable to get to work. However, Amaterasu helps him get to work by partaking in a Mini Game to ferry him across the canals. When they finally reach Naguri's house, we learn that the Aspiring Carpenter is not even Naguri's apprentice, although he speaks as if he works for him. He requests the position of Naguri's apprentice and after some persistence Naguri begrudgingly agrees, swearing that he will work him hard than he could ever imagine.

[edit] Okamiden

In Okamiden we see that the Aspiring Carpenter has moved to Yakushi Village with Naguri to help him expand it. He is very proud of his work, telling Chibiterasu which buildings he built himself. Still, he speaks of Naguri with great respect and worships him.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Aspiring Carpenter wears headgear that resembles a one-story temple. This is to symbolise he is only an apprentice as Naguri's head gear is similar except his temple has many stories.

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