LocationYakushi Village
FamilyMother: Ayame's Mother

Ayame is a little girl who appears in Okamiden. We first meet her in Yakushi Village, a village for the sick, where she appears to be unimpressed with Issun's tale of Amaterasu and his drawings. She later calls Chibiterasu a white puppy, showing that she does not believe in the Gods so cannot see his markings.

She tells us that she has an incurable disease, which explains why she lives in Yakushi Village. Her only wish before she dies is to see the fireworks. Dr. Redbeard completes her wish as he allows Chibiterasu to take medicine to Tama to use for his fireworks.

However, with his brother Dr. Bluebeard's help, Dr. Redbeard manages to cure Ayame by giving her the strongest medicine ever created.

At the end of the game, she can be seen, completely recovered, running along the beach in North Ryoshima Coast, with her Mother.

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