Location(s)Inside The Emperor
Ark of Yamato
Weakness(es)Veil of Mist
Power Slash
Attack(s)Sword Attacks
Reward(s)Exorcism Beads

Blight is the perpetrator of the poisonous green mist that has covered Sei'an City. He is actually the manifestation of the ancient sword, Goldnail. He is found in The Emperor of Sei'an City's body and can only be reached by using the Lucky Mallet to shrink down to a minute size and then jumping into the Emperor's mouth. He must be fought in the Emperor's stomach as it is where he resides.
Blight is green and made of mist which explains the mist in Sei'an City. He wears a suit of armour


[edit] Part in the plot

Blight first appeared around the same time as Ninetails did in Ryoshima Coast. He entered the Emperor's body and caused him to lock up Kaguya and fall into a coma. The green mist caused many of Sei an's residents to fall ill and die. Blight used his powers over The Emperor to try and take control of the city and nobody was aware of his microscopic presence until Amaterasu and Issun decided to find the cause of the mist.

[edit] Attacks

Blight moves at lightning speed so Amaterasu needs to use Veil of Mist to slow him down for attack. Blight himself is not actually what she should attack, she should be trying to hit the sword Goldnail. There are a few ways of dislodging it from his body. The first way is for Amaterasu to keep attacking him, this will eventually stun him and the sword will go dislodge allowing her to run to attack it. The second way is to wait till he glows green as this means that he is ready to fire swords in attack. He will line up the swords before he shoots them, Amaterasu must look for the blue one as this is actually Goldnail. Then Power Slash the sword and it will go flying again leaving it open for attack. However Blight will eventually recall the sword so repeat this a few times to kill him.
Blight however is not harmless, he has strong attacks is able to teleport across the screen. His attacks are a charge attack were he will reach for his sword and chase Amaterasu, this cannot be dodged because he will keep chasing her, instead she needs to double jump above him. She should use this time when his is charging to use Veil of Mist and attack him as his defenses are lowered. His other attack is the previously mentioned sword attack but this can be Power Slashed away or dodged with double jump. Blight has a lot of HP so is very hard to take down. Using a Glaive is recommended because of it's sheer power.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This is the evil blood-sucking entity Goldnail made solid. It infested the Emperor's body like a parasite, spewing poison mist throughout the capital. It possesses many attack skills. Trembling before attacking, its swordplay is invisibly swift. On foggy nights, its precise movement may become visible."

[edit] Trivia

  • The Emperor will reward you with the Divine Instrument Exorcism Beads as a reward for saving him. These are a third tier Rosary

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