Using Blizzard
Granted byItegami
LocationWawku Shrine
Power(s)Allows for the manipulation of ice

Blizzard is taught by the Brush God, Itegami after she frees him from the Blizzard Machine. With it Amaterasu can control ice by simply just drawing a line from the ice source to something, the ice will simply follow the line. However an ice source is needed at first. The frozen object can be used to freeze other objects but the effect eventually runs out.
After learning this she can immediately use the Secret Brush Technique Icestorm to freeze object. With this secret move Amaterasu can create ice at will just by drawing an "X" (with a horizontal line through it) on screen. This technique is rather unresponsive and is hard to use. Also if Amaterasu has the Divine Instrument Tundra Beads equipped she has a permanent ice source, as this Rosary holds the power of ice.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Ink on the Celestial Brush will turn Purple wherever Blizzard can be used.
  • As Blizzard does not appear in Okamiden, ice can be used as a source of water for Waterspout instead of ice for Blizzard.
  • Using Blizzard on a character will turn them into a snowman for a period of time.

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