Granted bySakigami
LocationHana Valley
Power(s)Revives dead and wilted plants.

Bloom is taught by Sakigami who is one of the three Hanagami flora Gods. It works by drawing a circle around the selected object, however if it is used too close to the sky it might become Sunrise instead.
Bloom has a lot of uses:

  • It can be used to revive Guardian Saplings which in turn destroy the Orochi's cursed zones.
  • It can be used to open Treasure Buds which hold valuable items inside. It will also open the Bud on the back of a Bud Ogre, this will make it vulnerable to attack.
  • Bloom will also lighten a character's spirits and they will start to pet Amaterasu. But if she's too far away they will sulk off disappointed.
  • It can be used to bring life to cursed patches of grass that may still remain even after the Orochi's curse has been lifted.
  • Everywhere Ammaterasu walks, grass and flowers will spring up under her feet.
  • Amaterasu can simply now dot the ground and trees or flowers may spring up.
  • Finally during the Digging mini games, it can be used to speed up the character.

[edit] Okamiden

Bloom makes a reappearance in Okamiden along with Sakigami. Chibiterasu can be seen blooming Guardian Saplings.

However, Bloom now replaces Water Lily as instead of having its own Brush Technique, Bloom can be used to blossom a bud on top of the water, that will transform into a path of crossable Water Lilies.

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