LocationSei'an City Commoner's Quarters
FamilyFather: Blossom's Papa
Okamiden (Mentioned Only)

Blossom is a young woman who lives in Sei'an City Commoner's Quarters with her Father. As her father is very sickly, she is tasked with the duty of caring for him. She worries constantly about his healthy and comments that he would get well if they could afford Herbal Medicine from the Merchant. If Amaterasu gives her the medicine from the Merchant, her father will recuperate, however he does not have the energy to leave his bed. Then if Amaterasu revives all the cherry blossoms by helping Mr. Flower, he will be reinvigorated and will leap out of bed in full health, much to Blossom's delight.

In Okamiden, she and her Papa are mentioned however their house is boarded up.

[edit] Trivia

  • Blossom's headpiece resembles an incense burner and her obi is tied with a figure of eight knot.

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