Blossom's Papa

Blossom's Papa
LocationSei'an City Commoner's Quarter.
FamilyDaughter: Blossom
Okamiden (mentioned only)

Blossom's Papa is the elderly father of Blossom. When Amaterasu first meets him he is very ill and bedridden. Blossom is extremely worried for him as he repeatedly drifts in and out of conciousness. She comments that he would not be as sick if they could afford money to buy Herbal Medicine from the Merchant. If Amaterasu gives him the Herbal Medicine, he will be cured but will not have the energy or will to get out of bed and will instead murmur about the cherry blossoms. Amaterasu must help Mr. Flower with his Guru Shuffle to bloom all of the cherry trees. After this is completed, headbutting him in bed will cause him to leap up and smell the freshly bloomed cherry trees. He will then run out of the house seemingly completely cured however Blossom will comment he has another incurable disease. He will give Amaterasu twenty Praise.

Blossom and her Papa are mentioned in Okamiden although their house is boarded up.

[edit] Trivia

Like his daughter, he has a headpiece modelled after an incense burner and a figure of eight obi.

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