Blue Cyclops

Blue Cyclops
Blue Cyclops.jpg
Blue Cyclops without its mask
First EncounterWatcher's Cape
Fury Mode
Floral FinisherWaterspout

Blue Cyclops wear a giant blue mask and fly with smokey wings. They carry a pipe in their mouth and are very similar to Great Tengus. They are first encountered at Watcher's Cape and their Floral Finisher is Deluge. Blue Cyclop's are also known for their "fury mode".

[edit] Attacks

As well as their regular attack Blue Cyclop's have something that is quite like a "fury mode". In this mode they become enraged and invincible. Instead of being a normal quite calm enemy they will lash out with amazing power. This happens when the fire on their pipe goes out, so if you see this happening you should be sure to relight it.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This curmudgeonly blue brute usually flies and smokes a pipe. If its pipe goes out, it becomes enraged and calls forth lightning. However, relighting the pipe calms it down almost instantly."

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