Bone Clam

Bone Clam
Bone Clam
First EncounterHana Valley
WeaknessesBrush Techniques
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Bone Clams are new enemies in Okamiden, being first encountered in Hana Valley. They have a tough outer shell and arms which they use to walk with. Their shell is full of the skulls of humans they have devoured.

During Chibiterasu's fight with Master Anura, there will be a Bone Clam covering his belly button when he leaps up at Chibiterasu, to squash him, for the final time.

They will drop an Elemental Crystal in the Arena after they have been Bloomed.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This creature enjoys clamping down on the legs of swimmers, drowning them, and then slowly crunching their bones. Sometimes their hunger sends them scampering for dry land and fresh bodies. They are quite vulnerable on the inside, provided you can figure out how to pry open their shell."

[edit] Attacks

They can attack Chibiterasu by simply tackling him. When they are stunned Bloom can be used to expose their weak insides which can then be attacked. Their Floral Finisher, Power Slash, can only be used after they have been bloomed as upon their deaths they will simply fall apart and are unable to be Floral Finished.

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