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The Brush Gods in Okami
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There are thirteen Brush Gods in the game, including Amaterasu herself. They represent the twelve members of the Chinese Zodiac, although the cat, who is included in the legend, is not an actual member. They are a vital part of the game as without the ability to call upon their powers Amaterasu is left without her main weapon, is unable to help people and cannot solved problems. Amaterasu can harness the Brush God's power with her Celestial Brush. The player can bring up a screen and draw different patterns that result in different attacks. However this cannot be done without the aid of ink. If Amaterasu runs out of ink the player will be unable to draw and Amaterasu will loose her red markings. However the ink will eventually refill itself and the amount of ink left can be seen by looking at the ink pots on the side of the screen. Issun is also traveling with Amaterasu so he too can learn all the brush techniques. He also gives her hints as to where the Gods might be hiding.

[edit] Obtaining the brush techniques

Amaterasu had all the powers of the Brush Gods in her Shiranui form. However when she died the Brush Gods split up and went into hiding while they waited for Amaterasu to be reborn. They can be found hiding all over Nippon, some in the most strangest place, and can be freed by using the Celestial Brush to complete a constellation.

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu also must learn the Brush God's Brush Techniques in his journey to save Nippon from evil. Chibiterasu can learn all the techniques his Mother can, excluding Crescent, Blizzard, Veil of Mist and Catwalk. Water Lily's purpose has been replaced by Bloom as buds can be found in the water and when Bloomed they blossom into a crossable path of lilies. Some of the Secret Techniques return however, they must be bought from the Shaman in Yakushi Village.

However Chibiterasu also meets new Brush Gods including Michigami who teaches Guidance and Kyokugami who teaches Magnetism.

Brush gods also bring their children to see Chibiterasu who, of course, is the child of Amaterasu. All of the children a miniature versions of whatever species their parents are, apart from Yomigami's children who a seahorses. However seahorse translates to baby dragon in Japanese.

Unlike Okami, when Chibiterasu sees a constellation he must draw the outline of the constellation instead of dotting in the missing stars.

[edit] Trivia

  • In Okami the Brush Gods transform into a Praise Orb before bestowing themselves and their power to Amaterasu. However, in Okamiden, they merely produce a Praise Orb for Chibiterasu.
  • Bakugami's children are the only children to appear in both games.

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