Camille and Camellia

Camille and Camellia
Wandering Sisters Camille and Camellia
LocationKamiki Village
Sei'an City
FamilySisters: Each other
Ancestors: Peony and Peoni

Camille and Camellia are two sisters who are first encountered in front of Konohana. Camille is the older sister and unlike Camellia she does not believe in the Gods so it is up to Amaterasu to restore her belief. Camellia often points out Amaterasu's Divine Markings but Camille dismisses it as her imagination. If you manage to restore Camille's faith you will earn Praise and a Stray Bead.

When you first meet them in Kamiki Village you need to Bloom flowers in front of Camille and then headbutt her to make her believe it is not a dream. Doing this will reward you with 10 Praise.

They will then move to Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarters, this time getting Camille to believe is quite harder. You will first need to make a tree sprout in front of her by dotting the ground with your Celestial Brush and follow it up with Deluge after the tree has disappeared. Wetting them with Waterspout will not work so you must have learned the Secret Brush Technique. This will earn you 50 Praise and talking to the sisters again will net you a Stray Bead.

After this you will have restored Camille's faith in the gods and she will note that she can see Amaterasu's red markings however they are faint. After this Camille states that they are trying to find the land of their ancestors.

[edit] Trivia

  • Camille and Camellia's ancestors are Peony and Peoni as they can be found in the exact same spot after Amaterasu goes through the Spirit Gate. They are also the ones that planted Konohana that century ago.
  • Their Japanese names are "Sazanka" (Camille) and "Tsubaki" (Camellia) which are both types of Camellia plant.
  • Camille and Camellia's ancestors were named after Peony's, Peony being traditionally identified with China. This hints that this is the land of their ancestors.
  • Tackling Camellia will net Amaterasu Praise.

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