Captain of the Goryeo

Captain is a character from Okamiden. As his name suggests, he is a Sea Captain. He was the captain of the Goryeo, which is the sunken ship off the coast of Ryoshima Coast. He is a strong and trustworthy captain and is trusted and respected completely by his crew.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu first meets him when he goes back in time with Kurow to Ryoshima Coast three months in the past. They land in the sea and are rescued by the Goryeo. Captain promises to help the duo locate Sage Shrine. He asks them to find his conch shell so he can summon Queen Otohime, whom he is friends with, as she will be able to lead them there. When Chibiterasu returns from Sage Shrine, Captain tasks them with banishing the evil that has taken over the ship. After Chibiterasu has defeated six Demon Scrolls and has partnered back up with Kurow, it is time for him to leave the Goryeo. As the Lucky Mallet is weighing Chibiterasu down and making it impossible for Kurow to carry him. However Captain kindly offer to look after it and bring it to Sei'an City where they can pick it up later. However, it is then that disaster strikes and the Water Dragon attacks the Goryeo. Captain refuses to let Chibiterasu and Kurow help them fight the Water Dragon as it is their fight and Chibiterasu and Kurow have more important business to attend to. It is unknown what happens to Captain after the Goryeo is sunk.

[edit] Gallery

The Captain calling Queen Otohime

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