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Celestial Brush
Celestial Brush in use
Owned byAmaterasu
Dark Chibiterasu
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The Celestial Brush is Amaterasu's main tool. Without it she cannot save the land of Nippon from evil. She uses it as a Weapon, a means for solving puzzles and even uses it to revive nature to cursed lands.

The Celestial Brush was named after a poem wrote Issun's Grandfather, Ishaku. Amaterasu needs to learn all the other 12 Brush Techniques from the other Brush Gods, she already knows one and that is Sunrise.


[edit] Use

Essentially the Celestial Brush is Amaterasu's tail dipped in ink. She needs this ink to use the brush, the ink is stored in Ink Pots and the level of remaining can be seen on screen. If Amaterasu runs out of ink her divine markings will disappear, she will not be able to use the Celestial Brush and her Divine Instrument will disappear. The ink will regenerate itself at the speed of one pot per nine seconds unless you have the Golden Ink Pot equipped.
The screen for drawing with the Celestial Brush can be brought up by pressing the R2 or B button in the Wii Version (Ōkami HD: The right bumperon controller). Amaterasu can then draw the required stroke. In the Wii version, the closer you aim your remote to the screen, the thicker the line. Even simply dotting with the Celestial Brush can have major effects, it may cause temporary flora to sprout, if used on enemies they will become covered in ink and certain weapons even allow an attack called Ink Bullets to be used. The Holy Artifact Thief's Glove also uses the Celestial Brush to work. Amaterasu needs to draw a line between Issun and a Demon so that he can attack it and perhaps steal a Treasure.

[edit] Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke is the name given to the wispy ink that emanates from the bottom of the Celestial Brush, it signals that a certain Celestial Brush Technique can be used there. Not all techniques have a coloured Holy Smoke however and it does not inform you when a Secret Brush Technique should be used.

[edit] Colours

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu's ink pot has a timer

Chibiterasu also has a Celestial Brush, he can learn all the Brush Techniques Amaterasu can except Blizzard, Veil of Mist, Crescent, Catwalk and Water Lily which has been replaced by Bloom. He also can learn new Brush Techniques, the Power of Guidance and Magnetism. Chibiterasu has several Ink Pots like his Mother, however, each one has a timer of around 20 seconds. When they timer runs out, nothing else can be drawn with that pot. Ink Pots can be improved with Praise.

The Celestial Brush Screen can be brought up by pressing L or R and then removed by pressing them again. The Celestial Brush is pressure sensitive, thicker lines can be drawn by dragging the stylus slowly across the DS touch screen and thinner lines are drawn by moving it quickly.

There are two Celestial Brush Modes, The Old Hand Mode and The Greenhorn Mode. In The Old Hand Mode, Chibiterasu's ink pots do not refill themselves automatically instead you must refill them yourself. Issun comments that Chibiterasu's ink will not refill over time like his mother's as he is only a puppy. In The Greenhorn Mode, if Chibiterasu runs out of Ink, three will be returned to him after a short period of time. However, all of them will not refill over time. Like in Okami, he also looses his Divine Instrument and markings.

The Holy Smoke for most Brush Techniques has had a slight pallet swaps, with Thunderstorm now having bright yellow smoke and Fireburst having a bright orangey red tone. The Holy Smoke for the new Brush Technique given by Michigami is red, so too is the Holy Smoke for Kyokugami's technique. When using Kagu's Exorcism Slips, the Celestial Brush ink will turn purple. Then when fighting Renjishi the ink will go a Blueish Grey when connecting his weak points.

[edit] Trivia

  • Amaterasu has to use her Celestial Brush several times to simply draw pictures. Such as designing kimonos in Mr. Chic's shop. Chibiterasu also must draw a face on a mask to gain entry to the Demon Market. In Okami, it is Issun who draws on the mask.
  • Amaterasu and Chibiterasu are not the only characters to have a Celestial Brush, Issun, Shiranui, Dark Chibiterasu and even Ninetails have one. Their Ink is often different colours.
  • Both Ninetails and Shiranui draw on your brush pad. During the fight with Ninetails he will use it too attack you. Shiranui on the other hand will use it to help you during the fight with Lechku and Nechku.
  • During the final fight with Yami he will strip away all Amaterasu's Brush Techniques and she will need to win them back one by one.
  • Dotting the ground will cause a tree or flowers to bloom (which animals flock to in delight), dotting the sky will create a shooting star and dotting a character will cover them in ink and make them confused.

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