Celestial Plain

Celestial Plain
TypeDivine Area
Connects ToWatcher's Cape (previously)
Notable Inhabitant(s)Celestials
Brush Gods

The Celestial Plain cannot be visited in Okami however it features a lot in the game. It is the home of the Gods, including our Amaterasu, and angel-like beings called Celestials that are now extinct. Regular characters in the game refer to it as "The Heavens".

It plays a big part in the game before the events of Okami actually happen. Waka flees to the Celestial Plain in the Ark of Yamato after an unknown disaster that put an end to the race of the Moon Tribe. He settles on the Celestial Plain and lives in peace with the Celestials.
However this peace soon ends as the Orochi and a huge legion of Demons attack the Celestial Plain. Waka and Amaterasu try to fight them off but Waka prophesised that the Orochi can only be defeated by the chosen one Nagi, a mere human living on Earth. Amaterasu goes off to search for the chosen one while Waka guides all of the Celestials to safety in the Ark of Yamato. However The Emperor of Eternal Darkness, Yami and his endless army of demons are lying in wait deep in the ark. They strike and kill all of the Celestials which causes Waka to crash land the Ark on Earth. As all of the Celestials have been slaughtered Waka goes into hiding to save himself from Yami. He must wait for Amaterasu to be reincarnated and for her to find the chosen one to kill Orochi and to save the earth.

After Amaterasu has finally beaten Yami, Amaterasu and Waka pilot the ark back to the Celestial Plain.

[edit] Okamiden

The Ark returning to the Celestial Plain

As evil returns to ravage Nippon in Okamiden, Amaterasu sends down her son, a young wolf pup called Chibiterasu, from the Celestial Plain to banish it. Before this, Amaterasu can be seen looking down worryingly at Issun from the Plain.

As it turns out, Akuro was actually the force controlling Orochi and Yami, who originally attacked the Celestial Plain. He used them to try and carry out his desire to find a Vessel of Light so he could envelop the world in eternal darkness. However, he was thwarted by Chibiterasu and his partners, including Kurow, who gave his life so Chibiterasu could defeat Akuro.

Upon his defeat, Chibiterasu and Issun, who has now realised his role as a Celestial Envoy, head off back to the Celestial Plain.

[edit] Based On

The Celestial Plain is based off Takamagahara, from Japanese lore. In Shinto, it is said to be the where the Kami, or essence, resides. The Ama-no uki-hashi Bridge is said to connect it to the mortal realm so that the Kami can come down to occupy a purified place, such as a shrine. Like Earth, it was said to be created spontaneously out of chaos. Out of chaos came light particles which rose up to form Takamagahara and heavy particles that fell down to form Earth.

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