First AppearanceOkami
Location(s)Celestial Plain
Ark of Yamato
DistinctionsGolden Hair shaped into wings, Halos, Flowing Robes
Famous MembersHakuba, Azumi, Sado, Marco

The Celestials are a now extinct race of heavenly beings. They lived in the Celestial Plain with the god 100's of years ago. They are found in the Ark of Yamato in the form as spirits as this is the place that they died. They look like angels as they have halos and golden hair in the shape of wings that they use to fly. They also look similar to Waka. Amaterasu meets the spirits of four of them (Hakuba, Azumi, Sado and Marco) in the ark and they inform her all about the Ark of Yamato, The Moon Tribe what happened to them all those years ago.
They seem to be very open hearted as they accepted Waka to live with them even after he had just piloted a giant ark into there lands. However the Celestials could have had a realationship with the Moon Tribe but it is never mentioned.

The Celestials had a perfect and harmonious life on the Celestial Plain until one day a giant ark landed there. They accepted the the ark's pilot Waka with open arms into their civilisation and all was peaceful again for a couple of years. It was then that the evil Orochi and his Demons attacked the Plains. Waka lead all the Celestials to Earth in the Ark however The Emperor of Darkness, Yami and endless legions of demons were waiting deep in the ark. Yami attacked and killed the all Celestials and this lead Waka to crash land the Ark on Earth. Waka then went into hiding, waiting till Amaterasu was reincarnated as Yami was still looking to kill him.
The spirits of the Celestials are found on the ark because it is their final resting place.

Demons attack the Celestials

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