Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb
Granted byBakugami
LocationOkami: Shinshu Field
Okamiden: Yakushi Village
Power(s)Causes a bomb to appear
Upgrade(s)Cherry Bomb 2
Cherry Bomb 3

Cherry Bomb is a quite powerful Brush Technique and it is thought by Bakugami. They are made by drawing a circle with a line through the top of it. The Kanji for "Flashy" appears on screen after its use. The bomb will explode when its fuse runs out or if it touches fire. Amaterasu can roll the bombs and they will not harm her when they exploded. They can be destroyed completely by using Power Slash or Waterspout can be used to extinguish the fuse but it leaves the bomb behind. The larger you draw the bomb the closer to the screen it appears and the smaller you draw it the further away it appears.
By learning Secret Brush Techniques Amaterasu can have two bombs on screen and then eventually three. This is very useful for hitting lots of enemies at once.

[edit] Okamiden

Bakugami and his children reappear in Okamiden to teach Cherry Bomb. Chibiterasu learns the Secret Brush Technique Cherry Bomb 2 by buying it from the Shaman in Yakushi Village for 30,000 Yen after three Migrants move in.

Cherry Bomb is learnt after convincing Dr. Redbeard to make medicine for Tama, so that Tama can make fireworks for the dying Ayame.

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