Celestial Wolf Puppy Chibiterasu
RaceBrush God
LocationTravelling Nippon (Okamiden)
FamilyMother: Amaterasu
Grandparent: Shiranui

Chibiterasu is a little, celestial wolf puppy who appears from the Celestial Plain to save Nippon in Okamiden. Although Amaterasu defeated Yami and all the Demons in Nippon, they mysteriously return. Chibiterasu's adventure starts out in Yakushi Village where he first must save Issun from a pair of Imps.
Chibiterasu is Amaterasu's son. He starts out with the Sunrise Brush Technique just like her and has a mini version of her Reflector, Divine Retribution. Chibiterasu then sets out on his own journey to free Nippon from evil.

Issun nicknames him Chibi, however, his partners have their own terms of endearment for him, much to his disdain.


[edit] Powers

The game's producer, Motohide Eshiro, has said that Chibiterasu is a "young form of existence" and not fully grown. Although he retains several abilities of Amaterasu, including the use of the Celestial Brush, he lacks her power. This is reflected in the plot and gameplay. Such as how Chibiterasu's ink does not refill by itself when playing in Old Hand Mode.

However dispite not being as powerful, Chibiterasu does have his own special powers. He can team up with partners to battle enemies, solve puzzles and explore the overworld. Chibiterasu can use the power of Guidance to control his partner to cross patches of land that both of them cannot cross together. One of these such partners is Kuni, son of Susano and Kushi. Kuni sits on Chibiterasu's back while they travel around Nippon. Other partners that Chibiterasu can carry include a young mermaid called Nanami, a little girl called Kagu who is a popular Playhouse performer, Kurow who is a puppet created by Waka and Manpuku who is a little boy who is just trying to rescue his Mother from Demons.
Issun also travels temporarily with Chibiterasu as he is the Celestial Envoy, however it is just as far as Kamiki Village.

Unlike in Okami, Chibiterasu has the ability to travel underwater as well as guide his mermaid partner Nanami through it-although this is only because the Wet and Dry Jewel's give him the power to. Chibiterasu has to fight Asteroidean completely submerged in water. However, it is only along the path to Sage Shrine that he can do this. In all other circumstances, Chibiterasu cannot even enter the water as he cannot swim.

Chibiterasu starts out only with the Reflector Divine Retribution however this can be upgraded twice using Demon Parts and Lucky Coins. He can also get an upgradable Glaive and Rosary.

Smaller powers that Chibiterasu lacks, outside of cutscenes, are the ability to bite, headbutt and bark. He also cannot dig like his Mother. He cannot run as fast as Amaterasu can, as, unlike her he only has one speed instead of three. The path of flowers he creates when he walks is not as majestic as his Mothers. However, unlike her, he does not have to wait until he obtains Bloom to create them. He can also talk to animals, a power that his mother did not seem to possess.

However, unlike Amaterasu, he can use his Weapons outside of Demon Scrolls although they disappear in cutscenes.

Chibiterasu also lacks an Astral Pouch.

As Chibiterasu is only a pup, he lacks the worldly intelligence of his mother. Without his partner to guide him, he does not understand many of the objects and situations he finds himself in. If he does not have a partner a question mark will often appear over his head in situations where his partner would explain what to do. Therefore he is unable to progress much without their aid. He, naturally, cannot read and requires Nanami to inform him about the words the Knowing Orb is projecting into their heads. However, this does not mean that he is not an excellent judge of character and he understand social situations perfectly.

[edit] Brush Techniques

Chibiterasu can learn most of the Brush Techniques his Mother could and even some new ones. Brush Techniques that do not make a return are Catwalk, Veil of Mist, Water Lily, Blizzard and Crescent. Guidance is one of the new Brush Techiques that Chibiterasu can learn. This is granted to him by the penguin Michigami and his two children. This gives Chibiterasu the power to guide his partner across gaps that he cannot travel over. Another new brush god is Kyokugami. He is a whale who is accompanied by his two whale children who teach Chibiterasu the power of Magnetism. Unlike Okami, these new Brush Gods are not based off the Zodiac.

They appear in the same fashion that Amaterasu meets Brush Gods for the first time in Okami. However their constellation locations have changed dramatically. Chibiterasu must also draw the outline of the constellation instead of dotting the stars.

The brush gods are accompanied by their kids, in keeping with the child-like nature of the game. Apart from Yomigami who's children are sea horses, all the other children are the same as their parents. However their names mean little dragons in Japanese. The Official Japanese Website refer to their children as Ko-*brush god's name* e.g Ko-Tachigami. "Ko" meaning small.

[edit] Attributes

[edit] Solar Energy

These can be found on the lower lower left hand side of the screen. They show how much health Chibiterasu has left. Although he starts out with three, he can increase the number he has when he collects enough Praise to fill his meter. Chibiterasu must use Rice Balls and Holy Bones to replenish it as unlike his Mother, Chibiterasu is not strong enough to replenish it himself over time. Ten is the maximum upgrade amount.

[edit] Ink Pots

These are found on the lower left hand side of the screen. They show how much ink Chibiterasu has left. If he runs out of ink, he will be stripped of his Divine Markings, Brush Powers and his Weapon. They can be replenished using Spirit Ink Bones and Ink Pots. He starts out with only three but if he collects enough Praise they will get upgraded. As well as having little pots, each of the little pots has a timer of around 20 seconds on it. Nothing else can be drawn when the timer runs out.
Unlike Okami, Chibiterasu's Ink Pots will not replenish over time. If the player is playing in the Old Hand Mode they will not replenish at all. This is why there is a new option on the menu screen to restart from the last save file and also why the B Button can be pressed to remove any drawing and return the timer to the full. However, in the Green Horn Mode three Ink Pots will be returned after a short while if they all run out. Ten is the maximum upgrade amount.
Moving the stylus quickly over the DS touch screen will result in thin lines, however dragging it slowly across means that the line is thicker.

[edit] Praise Meter

This is found on the lower left hand side of the touch screen. It shows how much Praise Chibiterasu has accumulated by restoring nature and doing good deeds. When it reaches the full, Praise will surround Chibiterasu and either his Ink Pots or Solar Energy will be increased.

[edit] Trivia

  • Much like his Mother with Rao, he is smitten with Miko Cho, much to Kagu's disgust.
  • Chibiterasu's design comes from a baby version of Amaterasu that was drawn by one of the designers as a joke.

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