First EncounterGale Shrine
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Projectiles, Tail Whip, Flamethrower
Weapon(s)Scalding Water, Tail
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Chimera's are large, tank like enemies, similar to Bud Ogres and Igloo Turtles, that are first encountered in Gale Shrine. They are based around a traditional kettle, with a tough outer shell that appears to be made of metal. It protects the Chimera from any damage.

[edit] Attacks

The Chimera has three main attacks, one where it takes a gulp from the flask on its side, breathing a huge flamethrower, one where it lifts it's tail up as a whip and chases Amaterasu around the fight zone and one, the key attack to defeating him, where he hovers in the air, shooting scalding water and projectiles. The easiest way to defeat him is to dodge all of his other attacks and wait for the third one, and powerslashing the projectiles back to him, knocking him down and dazing him, then powerslashing him again.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

Disguising itself as a kettle to fool onlookers, this creature is composed of parts from many others. It is said to have been transformed from an ordinary kettle by evil. It cannot be damaged when inside the kettle part. A legend says that repeated hits make the color drain. Then, all you have to do is slash it in two and watch it vanish.

[edit] Origins

Although three types of Chimera style Demons appear in Okami, it is this Chimera that is closer to the Japanese Chimera of lore, also known as Nue. This Chimera resembles the Nue in appearance as it has head of a monkey, the body of a Tanuki, the legs of a tiger, and a snake as a tail. Although the Chimera in Okami does not obviously have the body of a Tanuki, in mythology, Tanuki are notorious for transforming into kettles.

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