City Checkpoint

City Checkpoint
TypeHub Area
Connects ToNorth Ryoshima Coast
Taka Pass
Notable Inhabitant(s)Yoichi
ItemsStray Beads

City Checkpoint is an Okami exclusive area. It is found between Taka Pass and Ryoshima Coast, it is essentially just a very large river and the banks around it. Amaterasu cannot explore it until she defeats the Orochi, then she can help Yoichi to lower it. In order to lower the gate, Amaterasu must use Fireburst on one of Yoichi's arrows so that a cannon is lit. This cannon blast subsequently causes an explosion that destroys the fort on the opposite side of the river and causes the bridge to fall. The fort remains for the rest of the game as mere rubble with cursed patches, that can be bloomed, scattered around it. Until then Amaterasu can explore one half of the river and it's shore by travelling down a small staircase.

There are more places to explore after the bridge has been raised, across the bridge there are two Demon Gates which upon their destruction brings back greenery and life to the area. Halfway across the bridge there is a Konohana Blossom and Amaterasu can follow a line of blossoms all the way down to a very high island in the centre of the river and a Stray Bead can be found atop this, however she needs either the Golden Ink Pot or an Inkfinity Stone to reach it. There is also an upstream area of the river that can only be reached with the aid of the Water Tablet as the current will wash away Water Lilies too quickly for Amaterasu to use it.

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City Checkpoint
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