Clovers are special plants that are found all over Nippon, they are found in the strangest places so Amaterasu must be diligent. She can spot one as a shaft of green light will shine on where they are, then they must be dug up. They are a wilted brown colour at first but Amaterasu can Bloom them and they will give her Praise. The shaft of light is easier to see at night time so she might even spot a hidden one.

Clovers at the start of the game will only give her about 5-10 Praise however the more she progresses in the game the more praise she gets. This is because Clovers further on in the game need special Brush Techniques and items to reach them. A tough to reach Clover might even give out up to 50 Praise. Some Clovers can only be found in single tour areas so these will yield a lot of Praise and need to be bloomed before Amaterasu leaves. This is the case of three Clovers found under Iron Rocks when she goes through the Spirit Gate.

Any hard patches of brown ground also contain Clovers but Amaterasu will be unable to dig through it until she learns the Dojo Technique Digging Champ.
Clovers are also found under Iron and Crystal Rocks however they cannot be smashed until she has learned the required Secret Brush Techniques. The Clovers found under Iron Rocks give out 40 Praise and the Clovers found under Crystal Rocks give out 50.

[edit] Okamiden

They do not return in Okamiden, however they have been replaced by Dandelions.

[edit] Trivia

  • It can be said that the appearance of the Clovers is a reference to Clover Studios who developed the PS2 version of the game. Even the sound that plays upon them being dug up is similar to the tune that plays in the Clover Studio's opening title.

[edit] Gallery

A Wilted Clover

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