Crimson Helm

Crimson Helm
Location(es)Gale Shrine
Ark of Yamato
Attack(s)Fire Attacks, Charge Attack, Sword Attacks
Weapon(s)Twin Swords
Reward(s)Life Beads

The Crimson Helm is the boss of Gale Shrine. Princess Fuse asks Amaterasu to find the Canine Warriors so that they could enter Gale Shrine and kill the Crimson Helm, thus saving Kusa Village. It is the guardian of the Serpent Crystal.
The Crimson Helm is believed to have something to do with the Orochi, some legends say he was created from one of the Orochi's heads cut off by Nagi and others say that he was made from it's blood.


[edit] Attacks

During this fight the Satome Power Orbs, which the Canine Warriors hold, will protect Amaterasu. However for each hit she takes one of them breaks, there are eight orbs meaning she can take eight hits without losing godhood. The Crimson Helm looks a lot worse than he actually is. He resembles a horse like creature but he is covered in a thick armour and fire. He will attack by charging at Amaterasu and trying to stomp her, he will also try to lash out at her with his swords. He also attacks with fire as he will shoot a stream of fire and make fire rings.

Attacking him is quite easy. First Amaterasu should keep attacking him until his armour falls off, them she should use Galestorm( or Deluge if Amaterasu is fighting him in the Ark of Yamato) to blow away his flames. This leaves his weak skeleton open for attack, however he will eventually recover the flames around his body and call back the armour. If Amaterasu repeats this a few times he will eventually die.

[edit] Origins

The Crimson Helm is based on the Japanese tale of a fearsome king with long, red hair. He was feared by all and terrorised the kingdom. He was only defeated by a warrior who managed to get the Crimson King and his armies drunk before making his attack.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

'"For 100 years, this leader of all evil in Taka Pass has waged war with the forces of the Gale Shrine. It boasts long swords and armor. Beneath the shell, the true body lies hidden among burning flames. To expose the body, the shell must be removed or destroyed. Even unarmored, the roiling flames make it difficult to approach. A divine wind can extinguish the flames and expose its true form."

[edit] Trivia

  • You will receive the Divine Instrument Life Beads after you have defeated Crimson Helm, these are a second tier Rosary
  • The Crimson Helm's head looks exactly like the Orochi's fire head, which give truth to the legend of the Crimson Helm's creation.
  • A ghostly but harmless version of the Crimson Helm can be seen in the Sunken Ship.

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