Crow Tengu

Crow Tengu
Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's true form
First EncounterTaka Pass
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Sky Swoop
Weapon(s)Fans, Swords
Floral FinisherGalestorm

Official Art

Crow Tengu are first encountered in Taka Pass, after Amaterasu has rescued all the Canine Warriors. They are Mr & Mrs Cutter's Demon form and will only reveal it if Amaterasu Bites them and drags them into the moonlight. After Amaterasu defeats the Crow Tengu, Mr & Mrs Cutter, too, die.

[edit] Strategy

Although Crow Tengu are rare, only appearing as Mr. & Mrs. Cutter's alternate form, they can be defeated much like any other flying enemy. They will fly around the area throwing projectiles fans at Amaterasu and hurting her using a swooping attack. However, they can be knocked out of the sky using either Power Slash to break their wings or Galestorm to blow them out. On ground, their attacks differ. They will start to charge at Amaterasu or slash at her with their unbreakable sword. They may also use this sword to block Amaterasu's attacks but this may be used to her advantage as Power Slashing the sword mid block results in the Crow Tengus becoming stunned. However, although it cannot be completely destroyed, the sword can be knocked out of their hands with a well placed Power Slash. Occasionally, at the start of their lunge attack, they will throw a skull into the sky, Power Slashing this will cause them to be stunned and open to attack. Upon their defeat, the Floral Finisher Galestorm will net Amaterasu Demon Fangs.

[edit] Bestiary

"A creature comprised of the soul of a dead swordsman and a crow, this enemy strikes with the skill and artistry of a master samurai. They are often depicted as carrying fans. Cut down the thrown fans and be even quicker on the draw than them. Swordsmanship better than their own makes them leave in disgrace. Tales speak of swordsmen cutting through their sword defense."

[edit] Based On

Mr. & Mrs Cutter's characters are based loosely on the "Shita-kiri Suzume", known in English as "Tongue Cut Sparrow", as the story tells how a jealous wife ripped the tongue out of an injured sparrow who her husband was nursing back to health.

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