Cursed Trees

Cursed Trees
First EncounterHana Valley
WeaknessesBloom, Deflected Projectiles
Weapon(s)Fruit, Branches

Cursed Trees, also know as Demon Trees, are found all over Nippon, but are first encountered in Hana Valley. They attack by either hurling projectiles at Amaterasu from afar or hitting her with their branches if she gets too close. They can only be killed by Power Slashing back the piece of fruit they throw, this will stun them and Amaterasu can then Bloom them. This will turn them into a regular fruit tree and Amaterasu will get Food and Praise for doing so. However, Amaterasu can simply just run past them if she does not wish to do this. Once they have been returned to a normal tree, they will not become cursed again.

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