Cursed Zone

Cursed Zone
Location(s)Kamiki Village
Shinshu Field
Agata Forest
Taka Pass
Ryoshima Coast
Kusa Village
Sei'an City

Cursed Zone are found in both Okami and Okamiden and are areas filled with darkness and evil. They are caused by the spreading of evil and demons over the land. Anyone caught in a Cursed Zone will be turned to stone. Landmarks disappear, water becomes polluted and nature wilts and becomes diseased. Cursed Zones do not blanket the whole of an area, normally small patches of land are left untouched, allowing for a small exploration of the area. They appear as black patches on the map.

In order to lift a cursed zone the area's Guardian Sapling must be bloomed, empowering it with enough strength to drive away the curse. Whenever a Guardian Sapling is bloomed, a cut scene takes place which shows a shower of cherry blossoms emanating from the Guardian Sapling with waves of life and beauty following it which returns the land to its former state. Praise is also received for banishing the curse.


[edit] Okami

Cursed Map Areas

In Okami, Cursed Zones are caused by the revival of the Orochi. His curse spread out over the lands as the Guardian Saplings were not strong enough to keep it at bay. Only the tiny hamlet of Kamiki Village was spared from the curse as Konohana's power kept it dispelled. There, Sakuya revived Amaterasu to banish the curse and restore life to Nippon.

Although Amaterasu can enter Cursed Zones, they are major obstacles for her and must be removed immediately to progress in the game. Entering one will cause her to loose all her Godhood. Her Solar Energy and Ink will start to drain and she will be unable to use her Celestial Brush.

Cursed Zones seem to have a variety of different strengths. Although Kamiki Village and Kusa Village were cursed, Amaterasu could travel freely through them without her health draining. In Kamiki Village, Sakuya managed to repel the curse to the point that the sky was merely darkened and the villagers turned to stone. A simple Sunrise was all that was needed to lift it. The curse in Kusa Village was slightly different. Although the villagers could live perfectly normal lives, the sky was dark and the plants were withered. The cursed drained Amaterasu's ink and she could not use Brush Techniques. Defeating the Blue Imp tormenting Princess Fuse was enough to lift the curse, although the divine wind had to be restored to the village to dispel the evil air and lighten the dark sky. Kusa Village was probably protected due to its distance from the Taka Pass Cursed Zone and the divine wind's protection.

[edit] Okamiden

Cursed Zone appear in Okamiden although they have changed slightly. They are caused by Akuro's evil spreading out over the lands and wilting the Guardian Saplings. They are the same in appearance, turn characters to stone, wilt nature and make certain landmarks disappear. However, there is a invisible barrier around them so Chibiterasu cannot enter them. Areas tormented by the curse have a deep purple sky. Weaker Cursed Zones appear in areas where there are a lot of demons, such as Sei'an City.

[edit] Cursed Patches

Cursed Ground in Okami

In both Okami and Okamiden, small patches of cursed land may still remain even after a Guardian Sapling has been revived. The contain wilted plants have have diseased air coming off them, the cursed patches in Okami even feature the skull of a horned ruminant. Bloom must be used to restore them back to nature. In Okami, this is done by simply brushing Ink over it but in Okamiden, a circle must be drawn around the patch. Restoring the cursed patch, releases Praise and often reveals Animals that can be fed or a Treasure Chest to open.

[edit] Cursed Objects

Cursed door

In both Okami and Okamiden, Amaterasu and Chibiterasu will come across objects that have been possessed by Demons, for example, doors, buildings, Treasure Chests and trees. As they can never remove the curse by themselves they require the help of others in the form of Prayer Slips or dances.

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