Celestial Rabbit Daidarabotchi

Daidarabotchi is a giant celestial robot rabbit that was created by the Moon Tribe. However, they locked it away in the Moon Tribe Ruins so it would not be misused after the fall of their civilisation. Daidarabotchi is giant, much larger than most things in the game. It is so large as it is the creator of the Moon. It can only be controlled by a member of the Moon Tribe, presumably to prevent it being misused. It is covered in the same markings that characterise all the Moon Tribe's inventions.

The Demons in the Moon Tribe Ruins forced Gen into fixing the controls for Daidarabotchi so that King Fury could use it in his attempts to obtained revenge on the humans who betrayed him in life. Gen succeeds in reactivating Daidarabotchi as he felt there was nothing else he could do but follow their orders.

It is then up to Kurow and Chibiterasu to keep the robot under control while trying to defeat King Fury. As the controls are at the top of his head, Kurow and Chibiterasu must make the long, spiralling journey up his giant body, while trying to avoid King Fury's attacks. His interior is littered with Treasure Chests and bouncing stairs that can be used to jump up ledges. His outside also has a few Konohana Blossoms. During the battle with King Fury, Kurow must be kept at the controls. If not, Daidarabotchi may lift its huge paw up to sweep at Kurow. However, Kurow must be moved away temporarily to drain King Fury's power. King Fury will try to attack Kurow so he will loose control of the giant rabbit, however he can be stopped with Power Slash. If Daidarabotchi raises his paw to hit Kurow, he will be stopped immediately in his tracks by returning Kurow to the controls.

After King Fury is defeated, Daidarabotchi will become deactivated again. As he is so big, his ears will remain poking up out of the top of the ruins. Then when Akuro blows up the ruins, Daidarabotchi is also destroyed.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"There are many myths in Nippon of a giant that walks the lands. It is not a living being as such, but an invention of the Moon Tribe. Once it is set in motion, it will continue on its path of destruction until the beauty of the Nippon is but a distant memory."

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