Dark Chibiterasu

Dark Chibiterasu
Location(s)Dark Realm
Attack(s)Sunset, Celestial Brush, Ice, Fire, Lightning, Axe Summoning, Melee Attacks
Weapon(s)Providence Crystals

Dark Chibiterasu is the final boss fight in Okamiden. He is an evil form of Chibiterasu and the physical incarnation of Akuro. He fights with Kuni whom Akuro has possessed. He is very similar in appearance to Chibiterasu apart from the fact he has black fur and his celestial markings are red and white. He is fought in the Dark Realm.


[edit] Attacks

As he is a copy of Chibiterasu, naturally, Dark Chibiterasu has his own Celestial Brush. He has his own Brush Technique, Sunset, which blots out the sun and drains all of Chibiterasu's Ink rendering his Celestial Brush useless. Dark Chibiterasu will attack with fire, lightening and ice, along with regular brush techniques. For protection, he can create a shield of darkness that is impenetrable. He also has his own Weapon, the Providence Crystals, this is the strongest weapon in the game. It is both fast and has little recoil. It can also cycle between the elements of fire, ice and lightening.

Dark Chibiterasu can even cancel out some of Chibiterasu's brush techniques if he stays too long on the drawing scroll.

He can attack physically by firing out spinning blue axes that can be deflected back with Power Slash. He will occasionally glow purple and lash out at Chibiterasu in a flurry of incredibly speedy combo moves which can only be dodged. Once the sun has been blotted out he will start attacking differently. He can summon green circles that spin and damage on contact. He can summon a blue aura that speeds him up and causes Dark Chibiterasu to attack instead of Kuni. Finally he can summon a red aura that allows him to fly all around the arena before diving at Chibiterasu. This move can, however, be stopped by Power Slash.

[edit] Strategy

As Dark Chibiterasu is lightening fast, dodging quickly is essential. Most of the fight will be spent having Chibiterasu dodge Dark Chibiterasu's flurry of attacks. When Dark Chibiterasu uses his lightening, ice or fire brush techniques Chibiterasu must use an opposite attack to stop Dark Chibiterasu and eventually stun him. If he uses fire, Splash or Galestorm must be used. If he uses ice,Fireburst must be used. Finally, if he uses lightening, Galestorm must be used. If Chibiterasu does not have Fireburst, using Galestorm when he in his fire element may cause him to drop a fire crystal which can be used with Inferno. Other brush techniques done by Dark Chibiterasu can be stopped by drawing a line through them.

Eventually when he looses enough health, he will start using Sunset. When Sunset is used, the screen becomes pitch black, save for Dark Chibiterasu's glowing red eyes. Any attempts to use the Celestial Brush will end up with Chibiterasu being hurt. Chibiterasu must follow Dark Chibiterasu's glowing eyes around and attack him while dodging return attacks. Eventually this will cause Dark Chibiterasu to become stunned, opening up a small window of time where Chibiterasu can use Sunrise which will greatly damage Dark Chibiterasu. This technique should be repeated till Dark Chibiterasu's defeat. Upon his defeat, Kuni will no longer be in Akuro's possession.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This is the ether that is Akuro made flesh, comprised of both the powers of light and dark. The light brings death, and the dark eats light."

[edit] Trivia

  • Completing the game will unlock the Dark Sun Karmic Transformer which gives Chibiterasu the appearance of Dark Chibiterasu.
  • Completing the game will also unlock Dark Chibiterasu's weapon, the Providence Crystals
  • During the fight, Akuro is controlling both Kuni and Dark Chibiterasu simultaneously, showing his strength.
  • Akuro can use Brush Techniques that are no encountered in the game, including one which creates a giant unavoidable bomb.
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