Dark Realm

Dark Realm
Notable Inhabitant(s)Akuro
Dark Chibiterasu
Connected toMoon Cave 100 years in the past

The Dark Realm is a location where Akuro teleports to to take possession of his Vessel of Light to continue his plans to enshroud the world with darkness. He is followed there by Chibiterasu and Ishaku after he successfully bathes in the blood of the Orochi. The Dark Realm serves as the location for Chibiterasu's battle with Akuro. However, before he can battle Akuro, Chibiterasu must defeat all the previous bosses and Kurow. As Kurow no longer fights for Chibiterasu, Kagu helps him with the battle against King Fury.

The realm appears to be pretty simple at first. It consists only of an island which features a pyramid which Akuro's throne sits on top of. The sky is black and filled with stars. However, Akuro can teleport Chibiterasu to different island stages to battle each boss. Before battling each boss, Chibiterasu must rescue his partner who has been placed on an island far away from the main island. In order to reach his partner, Chibiterasu must push buttons to connect bridges between islands. Each switch summons a Demon battle and he must fight a demon to free his partner from possession. For Manpuku it is a Dokuro, for Nanami it is a Water Nymph and for Kagu it is a Black Imp. After returning to the main island, Chibiterasu must use their partner's special ability to reach the boss fight. For Manpuku this is a cannon, for Nanami it is a pool of water and for Kagu it is a Spirit Floor. At the end of Kagu's set of islands, Chibiterasu must fight Kurow alone.

After these battles, Akuro teleports Chibiterasu's partners away and he must then battle Akuro's forms along with Dark Chibitersu and possessed Kuni who appear from a mirror. Upon his defeat due to Kurow's sacrifice, Chibiterasu and his friends are free from the Dark Realm and the threat of Akuro. Chibiterasu appears back in Yakushi Village with Kuni

There are numerous treasure chests along the path to Chibiterasu's partner which are guarded by more Demons. Each island set before a boss battle also is resident to a Merchant Imp and an Origin Mirror.

It is unclear who has power over the Dark Realm. Although it was created by Akuro, Kurow is able to summon Chibiterasu's previous Bosses. We can see it is also a very unstable realm as Isshaku can spilt time and space to summon Chibiterasu's partners with a swipe of his Celestial Brush. This causes a crack to appear which, although Kurow tries to seal up, it could be broken from the outside.

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