Day of Darkness

Day of Darkness
The Eclipse
EventSolar Eclipse
OccurrenceOnce every 100 years
Notable EventsEclipse, Weakening of Amaterasu's powers
Notable CharactersAmaterasu, Issun, Yami, Demons, Waka

The Day of Darkness is a complete solar eclipse that happens every 100 years. Waka explains that it happens because of a distortion of time and space, it is completely unstoppable. During this terrible time Amaterasu's powers are weakened and Demons become more powerful.

Although it is called a day, Amaterasu can continue to wander around Nippon for as long as she wants, however it all ends and she cannot return as soon as she boards the Ark of Yamato. The player can use this time to wrap the game up by collecting Items or learning Secret Brush Techniques before they must fight the final battles.
Day and night continue to pass even during the Day of Darkness. Amaterasu can even use Crescent and Sunrise to change the time however the Day of Darkness cannot be reversed when it has started. The only difference you will notice is that the sunlight is quite dimmer.

[edit] Trivia

  • The moon is the same shade of red as the moon when you are traveling through Oni Island. It is not known if these two are connected.
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