Dead Fish

Dead Fish
Dead Fish.jpg
First EncounterShinshu Field
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Explosion, Projectiles
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Dead Fish Concept Art

Dead Fish are giant pink fish with a set of wings that resembles their tail. They appear to be be wearing a black and white jacket and sandals, however it is not unusual for enemies in Okami to wear clothes. They are first encountered in a compulsory battle in Shinshu Field and their Floral Finisher is Power Slash. Haruka's Wanted List is comprised of Dead Fish.

[edit] Attacks

Dead Fish have two attacks. Firstly they will fly around, throwing fins at Amaterasu from the air. The other one is that if they are on the ground, they will jump onto Amaterasu and explode. This damages Amaterasu but the Dead Fish also dies, however since Amaterasu did not kill it she does not get any Yen or other rewards.
The best way to kill it is to either attack it while it's in the air or to use Power Slash to chop their wings off. They are then easier to strike when on the ground, however they will try and blow Amaterasu up. If one of them lands on top of Ammy, you should still lash out with your main attack in the hopes of killing them before they explode.

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