Death Beast

Death Beast
First EncounterIce Room
Attack(s)Elemental Blasts
Flying Swoop

Death Beast is a new enemy from Okamiden. It seems to be the leader of the trio of elemental beasts which includes the Fire Beast, Ice Beast and Spark Beast. It has it has control over all their different elements. It first appears in the Ice Room.

It appears to punish mortals and spread death to the world and it uses its control over the elements to bring this about.

[edit] Strategy

It can attack using the elemental powers of ice, thunder and fire and can switch between the three at will. When it takes control of a specific element, Chibiterasu must use his Brush Techniques to negate the element and remove it. For example if the Death Beast becomes cloaked in fire, Galestorm can blow it away or Water Spout can extinguish the flames, if it covers itself in ice, Inferno can melt the ice and if it shrouds itself in electricity, Galestorm can blow the electricity away. Once the elemental power is removed, it will appear as a horse shaped skeleton and will be open for attack. It can also fly through the air and if it does this, Galestorm can be used to blow it from the skies, making it fall to the ground momentarily stunned. If it is not knocked out of the air in time, it will make a swooping charge at Chibiterasu. It can attack by striking with its hooves which summons a blast of its chosen element.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This beast appears to punish mortals and spread death. It can wield all the elements as it deals out eternal fate."

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