Demon Fangs

Demon Fangs
TypeTrading Items
Obtained FromDemons
Obtainable InOkami

Demon Fangs are, in all intents and purposes: Fangs of a Demon. They only appear in Okami

[edit] Collecting Demon Fangs

Demon Fangs are collected by killing enemies with certain brush techniques after their HP is depleted, this is their Floral Finisher. Most enemies drop one fang but others can drop two and even three fangs at death.

Another way is to enroll in the Dojo to learn the two most expensive Dojo Techniques, Golden Fury and Brown Rage and attacking using them in battle to gain a fang or two for every hit. (You can use both techniques and use Floral finisher on one enemy and still gain fangs, however only once an enemy per battle.)

Using Rao's prayer slips on the vengeful ghosts in the Sunken Ship will cause them to drop a demon fang upon death.

And finally you can gain Fangs with the loading screen mini games on the PS2 version only:

Screen one~ Paw-Paw-Paw-Issun!: When you see paw prints appearing and disappearing and a Silhouette of Issun appears you must rapidly press X to make the paws larger, If successful Issun will be replaced by a Demon fang.

Screen Two~ Blank Scroll: In this one you must simply press X as many times as possible to make lots of paw prints come out, A demon fang or three will pop out every now and then.

[edit] Using Demon Fangs

Give Demon Fangs to Traders such as Kiba and The Emperor and they will offer Amaterasu the chance to swap them for Holy Artifacts and other items.

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