Demon Gates

Inside a Demon Gate. Notice how the walls are a much more sinister colour.

Demon Gates or Devil Gates as they are sometimes called, are similar to Demon Scrolls. However, Demon Gates cannot move around and when they are defeated, they disappear forever. Amaterasu cannot escape from them either. Demon gates are also colour coded like Demon Scrolls, but they vary in appearance. They look like ruined arches surrounded by fire and a sinister glow. The Demons in a Demon Gate are always very strong and in a higher quantity than usual.

The reward for defeating a Demon Gate is very large. Not only do you get Yen from defeating the enemies, the whole landscape around the Demon Gate is transformed. The surrounding area is purified and new things like plants, animals, Treasures and water sources appear. Large changes, such as, Mermaid Springs and even the Nameless Man's Kiln appearing can also happen. However, often Cursed Patches remain even after the Devil Gate has been destroyed.

Similar to the Demon Gates are the Devil Gate Trials. However, these are a lot tougher and are more like mini-dungeons as you have to fight against ten consecutive waves of enemies.

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Demon Gate

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