Demon Nut

Demon Nut
First EncounterSouth Ryoshima Coast
Cherry Bomb
Head Clamp
Floral FinisherCherry Bomb

Demon Nut it the shell of a carelessly disposed of walnut that has become possessed by a demon. It now ravenously eats the humans that once refused to eat it when it was alive. To get to damage the nut inside it, it's shell must be first cracked.

They are first encountered in South Ryoshima Coast. It will automatically drop a Fire Crystal in the Arena after they have been Bloomed.

[edit] Fighting Technique

They can hurt Chibiterasu by simply tackling him. They will also latch onto his head to cause repeated damage but they can easily be removed by attacking it. When they have been stunned, bloom can be used to open their core. Immediately after that, Cherry Bomb can be used to plant a bomb in them. They will then be unstunned and they will run around the arena for five seconds before blowing up. They will be killed straight away after being blown up and it is only by doing this that their Floral Finisher can be obtained.

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