Devil Gate Trial Caves

Devil Gate Trial Cave
Location(s)South Ryoshima Coast
North Ryoshima Coast

Devil Gates Trials are optional challenges to be taken. There are three of them, one in Kamui, one in South Ryoshima Coast and one in North Ryoshima Coast. They involve Amaterasu fighting 10 successive rounds, each round containing hoards of Demons. They resemble Demon Gates in structure but are more powerful and do not disappear after one round.


[edit] Unlocking Them

They are found in the second half of the game i.e. after Amaterasu has defeated the Orochi for the first time. They require the Digging Champ Dojo Technique to unlock as they are found underground, this can be learnt in the Ryoshima Coast Dojo. When you enter the underground arena, you will have to fight a Bandit Spider, after you have defeated the Bandit Spider, the Devil Gate Trial will appear, but only if you have completed the required story line event. If not, it will appear the next time you enter the cave after you have completed the required part of the storyline.

[edit] Battle

Upon entering the arch you will be faced by many demons, more demons will spawn after you kill some. This will keep happening till the gate is defeated however after this the arena will dissolve but the Devil Gate will still be there as you must do ten successive rounds before it will be destroyed. Every round will have more than one type of demon and the demon types will change in the different rounds. The demons that appear in the Gates are much stronger than their regular counterparts and the strength of the Demons increase with round and vary between the different Devil Gates.
Amaterasu can rest in the cave between rounds but she cannot return to the surface until she has defeated all the rounds, if she does she will have to start again when she re-enters.

Although they are very difficult, the rewards for defeating a Devil Gate Trial are huge. The battles yield huge amounts of Yen, Food, Demon Fangs, Items and combat experience for Issun and the Thief's Glove. At the end of the Trial you will receive a Stray Bead and a Golden Peach. You can rebattle the Trial as many times as you like but a Stray Bead will only appear the first time, a Golden Peach will appear every time but it will not be in a chest but rather it will appear on the floor of the arena after the last battle and must be picked up before the arena dissolves.

[edit] Locations

[edit] Ryoshima Coast

It can be found in an alcove, beside some cows, on the path leading to the Guardian Sapling. Of course you must dig through the hard earth spot to reach it and you cannot reach it till the Sapling is revived. In order to unlock the gate after beating the Bandit Spider you must fight all the forced fights in the region to insure that you have met all the new Enemies. The easiest Devil Gate by far.

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

It's located under a patch of hard earth on the middle island of the three western ones. It opens after you clear Oni Island.

[edit] Kamui

Found on top of a frozen waterfall to the very North of Kamui just southeast of the entrance to Wep'keer, behind a bombable crack. The gate will appear after you have defeated Lechku and Nechku in Wawku Shrine. This is much harder than either of the other Devil Gates.

[edit] Tips

  • Keep up your Godhood by bringing lots of Charms and damaging enemies.
  • Use Veil of Mist it allows you to slow down time so you can perhaps run to an enemy's weak spot.
  • Bring lots of Inkfinity Stones or equip the Golden Ink Pot to keep your Ink levels up.
  • Bring lots of Vengeance Slips and use them when your Godhood is low.
  • Bring the Wood Mat to restore Amaterasu's health between rounds, you loose Yen as you heal but it never amounts to too much and it will save your Holy Bones for the battles.
  • Use lots of wide range attacks to damage many enemies at the same time such as Rosaries and Exorcism Slips.
  • Bring lot of Steel Fist Sake as the Demons have a lot of HP. If you have lots of both you could use Vengeace Slips and Steel Fist Sake together to really pack a punch.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Trial Cave

Round Enemies
1 Green Imp, Red Imp
2 Red Imp, Yellow Imp
3 Dead Fish, Red Imp
4 Bud Ogre, Red Imp
5 Blue Imp, Red Imp
6 Crow Tengu, Dead Fish
7 Blue Imp, Chimera
8 Black Imp, Red Imp
9 Fire Eye, Ice Mouth
10 Black Imp

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Cave Trial

Round Enemies
1 Bell Guardian, Headless Guardian
2 Earth Nose, Thunder Ear
3 Ubume, Headless Guardian
4 Jiro, Saburo
5 Ice Doom Mirror, Wind Doom Mirror
6 Halo Guardian, Headless Guardian
7 Poltergeist
8 Blue Cyclops
9 Tube Fox
10 Blue Ogre, Red Ogre

[edit] Kamui Devil Gate Cave Trial

Round Enemies
1 Blade Namahage, Umbrella Namahage
2 Blade Namahage, Igloo Turtle
3 Bull Charger
4 Clay Drummer, Clay Samurai
5 Clay Shogun, Clay Drummer
6 Dogu, Clay Samurai
7 Great Tengu
8 Evil Rao, Waka
9 Evil Rao, Waka
10 Nagi

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