Digging Minigames

Digging Mini Game
Amaterasu digging with Mr. Bamboo.
TypeSide Quest
PartnersMr. Bamboo
Dragon Dancers
LocationsSasa Sanctuary
Taka Pass
Sei'an City
Dragon Palace
Digging Minigame Tips

Digging Minigames are a type of Mini Game in which Amaterasu must find a safe way through a 2D maze for her and her partner. However there are quite a lot of hazards that may hurt her and her partner and slow down her journey.
Some of them are required to progress in the game whereas others are optional sidequests.

There are five Digging Mingames in total, three required and two optional. Each of them has a time limit in which Amaterasu must guide her partner to the bottom of a rock maze. When her partner reaches the bottom the will signal where Amaterasu has to dig one last time.

[edit] List of Digging Spots

  • The second Digging spot is in Taka Pass and it is optional. You can help Bingo search for treasure and your reward is a Solar Fragment.
  • The third digging spot is found in Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarter. You must help the Naguri search for the water that will refill the canals, thus gaining you access to the Aristocratic Quarter.
  • The fourth Digging spot is found in the Bamboo Grove behind Sasa Sanctuary. After you free Kaguya from jail you must dig to find the rocket she travelled to earth in. She will give you the Fire Tablet as a reward, it is essential for reaching Queen Himiko.
  • Your final Digging Minigame is optional. It can be found in one of the downstairs rooms of the Dragon Palace after you have beaten Oni Island, your partner is the larger Dragon Dancer. Unlike previous digging you fall to the bottom of the hole, you must then work your way up to the top and find a way to get your partner down to the bottom.

[edit] Travelling through the maze

There are six different types of blocks found in the maze, not including the occasional gaps. Three of the blocks cannot be damaged but the other three can be removed in a variety of ways.

1. Regular Rocks: These are dark grey in colour and cannot be destroyed.
2. Spiked Rocks: These purple rocks will reduce Amaterasu's time if either she or her partner touches them. They cannot be destroyed but Amaterasu can jump over them and use Galestorm to blow her partner harmlessly over them.
3. Water Rocks: These rocks are filled with water and Amaterasu can use Waterspout to cause a geyser to erupt and lift her partner up if they fall in. Her partner will also manage to find their own way out of one after a while.
4. Light Soil: These can be dug through to remove them.
5. Hard Soil: These can be dug through to remove them but it takes slightly longer.
6. Cracked Rocks: These can be destroyed using Power Slash.

The destructible rocks can also be destroyed using Cherry Bomb or a a headbutt. You must be careful when using Cherry Bomb though because it may destroy rocks that you need to progress in the maze.

Extra time crystals can be found in buds around the maze, you can bloom them to get the crystal.

[edit] Tips

Power Slash, Cherry Bomb, Galestorm, Bloom, and Waterspout are indispensable for getting through the maze. The Dojo Techniques Digging Champ, Holy Eagle, and Hardhead are also very helpful when you learn them.

  • Power Slash turns your partner around.
  • Galestorm will blow your partner across once space such as a spiked block or gap. To get them to pass over two blocks, draw two loops in your Galestorm.
  • Bloom will speed your partner up.
  • You can lift your partner up a level by drawing a dot where green Holy Smoke appears.
  • Waterspout raises your partner two levels.
  • The Hardhead Dojo Technique enables you to break hard soil and cracked blocks in one headbutt instead of two.
  • Digging Champ will allow you to dig through hard soil in only one go.
  • Double Jump enables you to jump up two levels by jumping against the opposite wall from your starting position.

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