Divine Retribution

Divine Retribution
Divine Retribution.jpg
Amaterasu and Divine Retribution
ObtainedFrom Sakuya in prologue.
Okamiden UpgradesPurity Reflector
Truth Mirror

Divine Retribution is a first tier reflector and because of this it is very basic and quite weak. You obtain it at the start of the game from Sakuya as it appears on your back after you are resurrected from the statue.

[edit] Weapons Entry

'"Reflector received from Sakuya. Banishes evil with divine power."'

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu has his own miniature version of Divine Retribution that he has when he appears from the Celestial Plain. It can be upgraded by the Blacksmith in Yakushi Village twice into the Purity Reflector and then the Truth Mirror in exchange for Demon Parts and Lucky Coins.

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