Divine Spring

Divine Spring
TypeDivine Area
Location(s)Hidden Around Nippon
Notable Inhabitant(s)Animals
EnemiesBlockhead Grande (Kamui)
ItemsOkami: Power Slash 2, Power Slash 3, Cherry Bomb 2, Cherry Bomb 3, Stray Beads, Scrolls
Okamiden: Manifest
Issun's Masterpieces

There are many Divine Springs found all around Nippon, they are always found down a hole. Sometimes a bomb is need to blow up a crack but other times you just need to Power Slash a rock. Most Divine Springs have lots of goodies in them such as many Treasure Chests, bloomable Cherry Trees and Clovers and whole families of animals that give out hundreds of Praise when fed. One Divine Spring even holds the final Blockhead.

However some Divine Springs have areas in them that you can donate money to the gods. Donating enough Yen will earn you a Secret Brush Technique. There are four of these in Nippon and they are found beneath a bombable patch of black earth with a golden crack in it. Tossing the yen into the pool at the back of it will cause a Brush God to appear and they will grant Amaterasu the technique. These Divine Springs also have bloomable plants and feedable animals but not as many.


[edit] Secret Brush Technique Locations

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

A Divine Spring in Okamiden

This Spring is found on the third small Island northwest of Catcall Tower. Amaterasu will see a boulder surrounded by pots and if she slashes this a hole leading to the spring will be revealed. Donate 60,000 Yen and Tachigami will teach her Power Slash 2. This lets her Power Slash Iron Rocks.

Another spring is found on thee second island northwest of Catcall Tower. Bomb the patch of ground to reveal the hole leading to the Divine Spring. If she donates 120,000 Yen Bakugami will teach Cherry Bomb 2. This lets her have up to 2 bombs on screen at a time.

[edit] Kamui

Use Vine on the Konohana Blossoms beside the Guardian Sapling. Then bomb the ground twice to reveal the hole. For 300,000 Yen Bakugami will teach Amaterasu Cherry Bomb 3. This lets her have up to three bombs on screen at a time.

[edit] Ezofuji

Go to the most northwestern point on the map and then drop to the ledge below. Then Power Slash the Iron Rock. If Amaterasu donates 360,000 Yen Tachigami will teach her Power Slash 3. This lets her slash Crystal Rocks.

[edit] Okamiden

A Divine Spring Entrance in Okamiden

Divine Springs make a return in Okamiden. Like before, they are mainly found down holes. As Secret Brush Techniques must be bought from the Shaman in Yakushi Village, they no longer contain springs to donate to.

Most Divine Springs have been replaced by a simple cavern containing many islands. Usually each island contains a treasure chest and in some cases, Konohana Blossoms connect the islands. Usually at the end of each cavern, there is a special blocked Treasure Chest that can only be accessed by using the nearby Wildfires as a source for a specific elemental Brush Technique. Some of these caverns simply contain a chest and a few animals that are not interactable with.

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