First EncounterMoon Cave 100 Years Ago
WeaknessesVeil of Mist
Attack(s)Sword Summon, Sword Slash
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Dogu are a very strong enemy in Okami, they are first encountered outside Moon Cave in a compulsory battle after you enter the Spirit Gate. They are also found more commonly in Wawku Shrine, Kamui, and the Kamui Devil Gate Trial. Their Floral Finisher is Power Slash.

They are based on ancient Japanese clay Dogū figurines. They also appear commonly as simple decorations in Okami, most notably a giant one in Tsuta Ruins which you can travel inside.

[edit] Attacking

Dogu attack very similar to Blight however unlike Blight they are vulnerable to attack all the time. They can also teleport across the arena like him and they will begin to shake when they are about to teleport. They have a sword attack where they will shoot many swords at Amaterasu, these can be dodged or knocked back with Power Slash. They will also glow purple when they are about to throw swords. They will also attack Amaterasu with the swords they carry in their hands, however this attack is slow.
The have lots of health so it takes a while to defeat them. As they move so fast you need to use Veil of Mist to slow down time to enable you to attack them. Thunderstorm and Blizzard will do a lot of damage to them but you should also try to wear them down using Brush Strokes or your Divine Instrument

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Of all the odd clay figures in this land, the Dogu is the strangest. Fascinated people have speculated that they originated on the moon. They appear to possess life and are known as protectors. Some are controlled by good and others by evil. There is a legend concerning a Dogu that went on a rampage, destroying village after village. A warrior was able to defeat it with bravery and love."

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