Connects ToShinshu Field
North Ryoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)Onigiri-Sensei
ItemsDojo Technique Scrolls

There are three Dojos throughout Nippon and for a fee the owner, Onigiri-Sensei will teach Amaterasu one of the Dojo Techniques. They appear only in Okami.

Each Dojo consists of two rooms. The outer room is where Amaterasu first meets the Onigiri-Sensei and when she pays for her move he will open the door to the next room. The first room is quite small and is decorated with lots of plants and sand.
The second room is properly designed for Amaterasu to learn her chosen move however it still contains the sand gardens at the side. This room is also larger and the floors can open up to allow items such as boulders and attacking dummies to protrude so that she can practise on them. The door will be locked until she learns her move and after that they will open again however Amaterasu might need to practise till the Onigiri-Sensei is happy if she wants to leave after learning some moves. Practising the move enough times will result in the Onigiri-Sensei gifting Amaterasu with a free Holy Bone.


[edit] Dojo Locations

There are three Dojos all across Nippon and the same Onigiri-Sensei teaches in all of them, this causes a lot of disbelief with Issun Each Dojo teaches a different set of moves which are more powerful than the moves taught in the previous one.
They are open straight away but Amaterasu needs to clear the Cursed Zone before she can enter them.

[edit] Shinshu Field

It is found on a hill near the entrance to Kamiki Village. In Okamiden it reappears but is empty.

[edit] Ryoshima Coast

It is found on an Island near the Sunken Ship, just south of the entrance to Sei'an City. In Okamiden, it is visible in the distance but unreachable.

[edit] Kamui

It is found up a small path near the route to Shinshu Field. It is found where Kokari is fishing.

[edit] Gallery

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