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Mastering a technique

There are 17 Dojo Techniques to be learned in Okami and they can be taught by the Onigiri-Sensei in one of his three Dojo's that are found in various places in Nippon. They do not reappear in Okamiden.

Holy Eagle is the only move that is required to progress in the game, all the other moves just make it easier. When you start a New Game + all the techniques that Amaterasu has learned will carry over except for Fleetfoot, Holy Eagle, Digging Champ, Holy Falcon, and Hardhead.

Many techniques cannot be learned straight away as they are improvements on other techniques, however you can learn them if you have mastered the previous one.
Each technique will be tested after you have learned them and Onigiri Sensei will comment on your progress. He will not let you go till he is happy with your learning and he will then give you a technique scroll in case you ever forget the move.

[edit] List of Moves

Name Price Dojo Description
1. Fleetfoot 10,000 Yen Shinshu Field Press the R2 Button (or shake the Nunchuk in the Wii version) to gracefully move out of harm's way.
2. 4 Winds 5,000 Yen Shinshu Field Add a fourth hit to your standard Reflector attack combo.
3. Spirit Storm 7,000 Yen Shinshu Field Increases the rate of attack for Rosaries.
4. Golden Fury 100,000 Yen Shinshu Field Press Circle (or C in the Wii version) to insult foes and get Demon Fangs.
5. Holy Eagle 20,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast Press X again in the air to jump a second time.
6. Digging Champ 30,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast Become the ultimate digger. Dig in terrain that was impossible before.
7. Wailing Mirror 40,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast Equip Reflectors as main and sub-weapons to increase attack power.
8. 5 Winds 20,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast If you've mastered 4 Winds, add a fifth hit to the powerful combo
9. Spirit Armageddon 30,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast If you've mastered Spirit Storm, further increase Rosary attack rate.
10. 3 Shears 40,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast Add a third hit to your standard Glaive attack combo.
11. Brown Rage 2,000,000 Yen Ryoshima Coast If you've mastered Golden Fury, add insult to injury with this.
12. Hardhead 10,000 Yen Kamui Break objects that you couldn't before by tackling them.
13. Counter Dodge 30,000 Yen Kamui If you've mastered Fleetfoot, damage enemies with this new dodge.
14. Holy Falcon 30,000 yen Kamui Holy Eagle maneuvers will now damage enemies.
15. Bead String 50,000 Yen Kamui Equip Rosaries as main and sub weapons to increase attack power.
16. Sword Dance 60,000 Yen Kamui Equip Glaives as main and sub weapons to increase attack power.
17. 4 Shears 50,000 Yen Kamui If you've mastered 3 Shears, add a fourth hit to the powerful combo.
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