Doom Mirrors

There are four types of Doom Mirrors and they are scarcely encountered in Okami. All of them are first encountered in The Emperor's Palace in Sei'an City and are not seen much afterwards, apart from a Devil Gate Trial in Ryoshima Coast. They travel by rolling around in a circle and rolling into Amaterasu to attack her. Each Doom Mirror has a different face on it, this represents the person whose soul became one after death.
The are very similar to Wheels in their appearance, nature and types. They are also very easy to beat once you figure out their weakness, however they are usually found in packs.


[edit] Fire Doom Mirror

Fire Doom Mirror
First EncounterThe Emperor's Palace
Attack(s)Body Slam, Fire Breath
Floral FinisherGalestorm

There is only one Demon Scroll in the whole game that can contain a Fire Doom Mirror. The are very similar to Fire Eyes, however they have a different appearance. Fire Doom Mirrors have the face of an angry man on them. They can be defeated by using Blizzard, Galestorm, or Waterspout to extinguish their flames and then attacking them.
It's Floral Finisher is Galestorm.

Bestiary Entry

A man possessed by extreme fury was unable to forget his rage even after death, resulting in his soul being absorbed into his favorite mirror. Anger is stirred by gazing at the mirror even with no logical pretense. This is the method of the fury filled mirror.Blowing on the mirror may snuff the flames of intense rage.

[edit] Ice Doom Mirror

Ice Doom Mirror
Ice Doom Mirror.jpg
First EncounterThe Emperor's Palace
Attack(s)Body Slam, Icy Touch
Floral FinisherInferno

Ice Doom Mirrors are very like Ice Mouths, except they feature the face of a beautiful woman on them. They can be attacked after you use Inferno on them to melt the ice. Their Floral Finisher is Inferno.

Bestiary Entry A beautiful and popular actress hoped to retain her looks forever. This hope became obsession, and her soul was sucked into the mirror. Gazing into the mirror reveals a pretty woman. Those who smile at it die instantly. We must remind the actress of her inner warmth. It is said that she bathed her mirror in flame before acting.

[edit] Thunder Doom Mirror

Thunder Doom Mirror
Thunder Doom Mirror.jpg
First EncounterThe Emperor's Palace
Attack(s)Body Slam, Electrified Touch
Floral FinisherPower Slash

Thunder Doom Mirrors are similar to Thunder Ears except that they feature the face of a kabuki actor in theater makeup. They can be regularly attacked after you use Galestorm to blow away their lightning. Their Floral Finisher is Power Slash.

Bestiary Entry

A discarded mirror long used by an actor was struck by lightning and became this creature. Bad acting causes it to appear and rain thunder down. Aloof and emotionless, it will leave if the acting continues. When you see clouds, just blow to stop lightning from striking.

[edit] Wind Doom Mirror

Wind Doom Mirror
Wind Doom Mirror.jpg
First EncounterThe Emperor's Palace
WeaknessesVeil of Mist
Attack(s)Body Slam, Charge Attack
Floral FinisherVeil of Mist

The Wind Doom Mirror shares it's similarities with the Earth Noses, except that they feature the face of an old man on them. The are very speedy and impossible to hit so you should use Veil of Mist to slow down time in order to hit them. Their Floral Finisher is Veil of Mist.

Bestiary Entry

An old man's face appears on this gusty mirror. It lingers in the rooms of those who do not value time and causes a ruckus. Though most are driven by a strong grudge, some are simply depressed. Once they have you in their sights, it isn't easy to take them down. Pray to the heavens to slow time or there is no hope at all.

[edit] Based On

Both Wheels and Doom Mirrors seem to be based off the Wanyūdō, a monster from Japanese Mythology. Wanyūdō are said to be the face of a man on a burning cart wheel. They are said to guard the gates of hell and travel along the path from hell to this world, dragging the souls of people who come to close back to hell with them.

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