Dr. Bluebeard

Dr. Bluebeard
Dr. Bluebeard.jpg
LocationSei'an City
FamilyBrother: Dr. Redbeard

Dr. Bluebeard is a character from Okamiden. He is the younger brother of Dr. Redbeard and, like him, he makes medicine. His specialty is making medicine from mushrooms, which accounts for the mushroom on his head, but it is said his talents are just as good as his brother's. He lives in Sei'an City.

He helps to cure Ayame's fatal disease after Chibiterasu helps catch a thief, who looks surprisingly like Kuni, for him. He combines his medicine with his Brother's to create the strongest medicine in the world. As he is a kind person, he even gives the thief the medicine he stole as he hopes that he has learnt something from it.

When King Fury lays a curse on Sei'an City he does everything he can to help the citizens although it is futile.

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